Taveuni Island Resort & Spa – Taveuni – Dining Options

The Taveuni Island Resort Restaurant and Bar is sure to provide an array of culinary experiences, filled with delicious, local food bursting with aroma, flavour, and freshness

The resort has its very own organic garden on sight for fresh roots, vegetables and herbs, with a larger farm for succulent fruits and hearty, free-range livestock. Every morning, the local talented chefs take in the Island’s daily bounty to create a smorgasbord for the senses. The farms function not only to serve you a feast sure to be remembered for meals to come, but it also provides work for local Fijians. Taveuni Island Resort is involved in a program which provides fresh fruit and vegetables to outer Fijian islands with less favourable growing conditions.

The open-air restaurant offers expansive, 180-degree views of the stunning surroundings, with a large wooden deck overlooking the shimmering sea or glistening infinity pool.There’s plenty of space both outside and undercover, with soft, wicker armchairs available, perfect to relax in before or after your meal. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and a three-course dinner daily at the restaurant, complimentary with your stay.