Waidroka Bay Resort – Dining Options – Pacific Harbour

Fried fish, sizzling seafood, fresh fruit and the flavours of Fiji. If your mouth is already watering at the idea of these tangy and sumptuous dishes, then a trip to Wairdoka Bay Resort in Fiji is exactly what you need.

Wairdoka Bay Resort is situated on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Located far away from cities and crowds, the resort is surrounded by natural wonder and perched directly on the beach. Immersed in abundant nature and sat adjacent to the sea, there’s plenty of fresh food to find and source naturally and locally. And there’s no better place to taste all these delectable dishes than at the restaurant located directly onsite.

The Wairdoka Bay Resort Restaurant takes pride in serving fresh and local food cooked using both modern and traditional methods. It’s also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A continental breakfast, consisting of fresh fruit, breads and spreads, cereal and tea and coffee, is served daily, complimentary with your stay. Hot breakfasts can be ordered a-la-carte. For lunch, everything from soups and salads, to BLTs and burgers are available. If you’re planning to spend the day exploring, a delicious and convenient picnic lunch with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks can be made up for you.

Dinner is a social event, where guests get to know one other over a sumptuous three course meal. Meals are planned around the seasonal produce, promising a chance to try plenty of Fijian cuisine. Lovo Night dinner is a regular occurrence. This buffet style spectacle is as educational as it is delicious, allowing guests to watch their meals be prepared and cooked using traditional methods, with food wrapped in banana leaves and cooked under hot coals in an earth-oven.