The Edgewater Resort & Spa – Dining Options- Rarotonga

The Edgewater Resort and Spa is located in Rarotonga, the largest of the Cook Islands. Surrounded by shimmering sea and verdant greenery, there’s plenty of fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables sourced for your meals.

Breakfast is available daily at the Brasserie, set right on the water’s edge. The restaurant is traditionally styled with a thatched hut roof and outdoor dining options. The Brasserie also boasts a unique themed menu for each night of the week, a buffet dinner, and live entertainment from Rarotonga’s vibrant bands and entertainers. During the afternoon, lazily swim up to Mal’s Bar for a tangy cocktail, refreshing juice, or choose from a fine collection of international wines and local and imported beers and spirits. If you’re craving a familiar meal, Spaghetti House Pizzeria and Grill has you covered. The décor features traditional Italian fare, with checked table clothes, strings of garlic, and bottles of oil. Choose from a sensational pizza or pasta dish, located just a short stroll from the resort.

Smoked meats, marinated fishes, roast pork and a vast array of delectable desserts are available during the twice-weekly Island Feast. This is an experience not to be missed, with a huge selection of mouth watering local dishes served in buffet style. Held on Tuesday and Saturday, the night features exhilarating live entertainment and cultural dance shows.

If you’re keen to explore the area, there’s plenty more dining options located just a short stroll away. Each restaurant is renowned and caters to every tastebud, ensuring there’s something for everyone. To tantalise your tastebuds and try something new on your next holiday, The Edgewater Resort and Sa in Rarotonga will have you indulging in delicacies at every meal.