Te Vara Nui Village – Rarotonga

Light, flame, fun, and feasting – Here at Te Vara Nui Village in Rarotonga you can learn about the history and culture of the Cook Islands throughout a fantastical night of immersive experiences.

Te Vara Nui Village is the cultural centre of the Cook Islands, located in Muri, Rarotonga. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the town centre, the village is close to your tropical holiday accommodation and easy to get to, with transfer options available. The centre recreates traditional life of the Cook Island communities, and teaches guests about the island’s history, politics, beliefs, and ceremonies.  See local artisans and craftspeople weave, carve and prepare weapons and dance costumes, and cook sensational feasts starting from husking coconuts to frying fresh fish.

The Cultural Village Tour, which departs at five in the afternoon and starts with a glass of bubbles, is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the island culture. Wander through the town on the two-hour guided tour, learning about traditional medicines, ancestral navigation techniques, and ancient myths and legends. End the tour with a spectacular over-water night show and dinner. The largest show in the Cook Island, this eclectic showcase of sound, flame, and dance tells an ancient story performed by Rarotonga’s finest dancers and musicians.

Feast at the buffet where delicious island and western foods are fused by local and international chefs to create delicious, zesty dishes for a three-course meal. Indulge in delicious, fruity cocktails or cool crisp beer as performers dance in huge costumes floating on the lapping shore.

Experience the authentic ancestral atmosphere of the Cook Islands here at Te Vara Nui Village. Immersive, educational, and awe-inspiring, the night will leave you blown away.