Kula Wild Adventure Park – Korotogo

Welcome to the wild side of Fiji! Situated on the southern Coral Coast region of Viti Levu, the Kula Wild Adventure Park not only enables visitors to get up close and personal with some amazing species of local flora and fauna, but also provides educational information regarding how we can help protect and preserve them for future generations to come. Meet an endangered Fijian iguana, watch native birds soar and even cuddle up to a boa constrictor, it’s all here!


Jacks of Fiji Retail Outlets

No matter where you go during your Fiji holiday, you’re almost certain to see a Jacks of Fiji retail outlet at least once while you’re in town. So if you’re a champion shopper or just looking for some holiday souvenirs; Jacks has something for everyone. Intricate hand-carved artefacts, dazzling jewellery and the latest surf wear can be found on the shelves here at Jacks.


Coastal Inland Tours – Sigatoka

Based out of Sigatoka Village, Coastal Inland Tours is one of Fiji’s finest locally-owned and operated tour organisations. The company aims to provide visitors with much more than just a stock standard sightseeing expedition and prides itself on offering authentic Pacific-inspired experiences for guests to enjoy. With three unique touring packages to select from, there’s plenty of fun to be had with the Coastal Inland team during your Fiji holiday.


Blue Lagoon Cruises – Fiji

Serving as one of Fiji’s most popular touring and leisure cruising companies, Blue Lagoon Cruises offers must-try experiences that effortlessly capture the true essence of the South Pacific. There are three comprehensive tour itineraries for guests to select from and include all sorts of fun activities – from snorkelling, to exploring underwater caves and visiting local villages. If you want to see the very best of Fiji, be sure to sail away with Blue Lagoon Cruises for an unforgettable time.


Spa Denarau – Port Denarau

If you’ve come to Fiji to unwind and relax then this is just the place to get your mind, body and spirit on an even keel. Experience a series of exotic pamper sessions that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and utterly satisfied. The prestigious Spa Denarau is situated within the Port Denarau Marina establishment and will become your very own personal gateway to uncompromised relaxation and spiritual serenity. Submerge yourself into a sublime state of mind while a seasoned crew of highly skilled practitioners work their magic with a unique blend of ancient remedies and organic skincare products.


Adrenalin Village Tour – Maola Village – Nadi

Escape the typical tourist trappings and get in touch with the true essence of Fiji by booking a Cultural Village Tour with Adrenalin Fiji. The tour runs for about 3 hours in total duration and is based at the traditional Moala Village. You’ll experience a warm Fijian welcome from the locals, enjoy engaging live music and dance entertainment and also participate in a time-honoured kava ceremony. Guests will even get the chance to peruse the fine hand-crafted wares available for purchase in the village – these genuine locally-produced creations could make for a unique gift for someone special back home.


Vinaka Fiji – Charitable Organisation – Yasawa Islands

See Fijian life through the eyes of a volunteer as we lend a hand to the Vinaka Fiji Charitable Organisation, while soaking in the splendour of the Yasawa Islands. Vital services that Vinaka Fiji provides includes helping to establish sustainable communities, setting up educational programs for local students, promoting marine conservation and also providing much-needed aid to cyclone and flood victims.


Fiji Airways – Fiji

Formerly known as Air Pacific, Fiji Airways has re-launched to soar across skies with a renewed focus on traditional heritage and unwavering dedication to first-class service. Fiji’s national carrier is proud to announce that three state-of-the-art A330s have been added to their comprehensive aviation fleet, to ensure that passengers experience the ultimate in comfort and safety. Watch on as Adam Ford goes one-on-one with vaunted Fijian artist, Makereta Matemosi and discovers the inspiration behind her stunning Masi designs that adorn Fiji Airways’ stylish new jets.